Apes Planet Whitepaper

What is Apes Planet?

Welcome to the world of countless possibilities in Apes Planet, an innovative spatial computing metaverse hub for games that bridges the gap between Unreal Engine 3D Indie Developers and enthusiastic gamers. We offer new levels of creative opportunities and unprecedented earning potential.

The Apes Planet ecosystem enables 3D indie developers to shape their creativity and bring their games to life in the Web3 space. Utilizing our innovative SDK feature, you can secure your location and establish your own game within the Olympus metaverse. Bring your dreams to life and earn a share of platform revenues.

At the core of Apes Planet lies the Olympus of Eternal Victory, a virtual reality metaverse area featuring a wide selection of games that transport users into immersive and engaging worlds. Prepare to be captivated as you step into a realm of mystery, adorned with ancient ruins, mystical landscapes, and captivating views.

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