🍌Banana Points

Banana Points are the in-game Coins backed by $USDT and serve as the main currency in the games. Using banana points, players can wager on games, farm more banana points, and upgrade or acquire collectibles through the in-game shop.

The Banana Points can be accumulated and sold again in the NFT Marketplace, receiving $USDT in exchange. This means that you will earn $USDT after wagering against your opponents and winning the match.

Banana points can be purchased from the marketplace using $USDT coins that will be directly deposited into Banana points' liquidity pool

Banana Points Utilities

Introducing the Banana Points Utilities at Olympus in Apes Planet! Get ready for an exciting and immersive experience where you can make the most of your Banana Points!

Buy and Rent Lands

With your hard-earned Banana Points, you have the unique opportunity to own or rent lands within the stunning Olympus area. Imagine having your virtual piece of paradise, where you can build, explore, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Apes Planet.

Buy or Upgrade Your Arsenal

Are you ready to take on epic adventures and face formidable challenges? Visit the various shops located in Olympus to purchase and upgrade an array of items, including weapons, wearables, potions, and defense items. Strengthen your abilities and gear up for thrilling quests like never before!

Car Garage

Discover the wonders of convenience as you explore Olympus with your own set of wheels! At the car garage, you can use your Banana Points to purchase or upgrade your virtual cars. Speed through the enchanting landscapes of Apes Planet and reach new destinations in style.

Farming Banana Points

Earning Banana Points just got even more exciting! Engage in fun and rewarding farming activities within the Olympus ecosystem. By participating in these tasks and challenges, you can get access to the farm area and grow your Banana Points stash and unlock incredible opportunities within the virtual world.

Wager in Game

Experience the thrill of competition and test your skills in various mini-games scattered throughout Olympus. Several of these mini-games offer the option to wager your Banana Points! Show off your talents and challenge other players as you aim to win big and enhance your virtual wealth.

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