⭐Ape Planet NFTs DAO

The Apes Planet NFTs collection features a total of 7,777 Ape Warriors, with over 1,600 unique hand-drawn traits. Besides providing access to the captivating Olympus world, this main collection offers you a number of benefits, such as rare collectibles to farm, financial opportunities, and an active role in community governance.

Exclusive for Apes Planet NFT holders

Be Part of the DAO Governance

Take part in the decentralized governance and influence through access to the Apes Planet DAO. This decentralized autonomous organization provides you to actively influence and guide the future of the Apes Planet ecosystem.

Get Royalties From the Marketplace

The NFTs main collection provide you with a share of marketplace revenues, underlining the dynamic synergy between creativity and potential profit.

Arena Live Events

Apes Planet NFT holders are entitled to free access to Arena live events

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