🧙APN Token Utility

$APN stands as the main currency within the extensive Apes Planet ecosystem, set to increase in utility as the project continues to evolve and grow.

Its monetary value is multifaceted, including an array of associated advantages that contribute to the user experience:

P2E Gaming Advantages

Owning $APN tokens grants you access to the exciting Olympus world, unlocking a variety of immersive challenges and rewards.

Developer Metaverse Access

Offering access to the visionary developers, $APN enables the acquisition of essential resources to construct and expand their metaverse worlds, and supporting an ecosystem of unlimited creativity and innovation.

Olympus Land Acquisition

Build your digital legacy by utilizing $APN to secure plots of land within the exclusive Olympus world.


$APN serves as the primary currency for trading in the Apes Planet marketplace. This grants you instant access to a wide variety of collectibles and items that elevate your virtual journey.

Online Store

$APN serves as the primary currency to acquire valuable Merchants from our Store.

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