📃3D Developers

Apes Planet welcomes developers, creators, and visionaries to embark on their own Metaverse journey. We provide the tools, resources, and technical support to enable your creativity and craft your own game that reflects your unique vision. The Apes Planet SDK allows you to create any type of game you want, whether it's a strategy game, a simulation, or a sporting game.

Enabling Seamless Connection

Getting started with Apes Planet is as straightforward as it is rewarding. We utilize advanced technical frameworks that ensure seamless connectivity, allowing players to move seamlessly within the Olympus metaverse.

Technical Framework and Protocols

Apes Planet allows developers to easily integrate their environment using GitHub. Through the SDK, developers can effortlessly pull the project files they need to create their own universe.

We are actively working on developing a Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically tailored for 3D developers. The goal is to create a vibrant and collaborative environment within Apes Planet that encourages innovation and growth.

Developer Tools and Resources

With the Apes Planet Creator Tools SDK, developers can create physics-based games, design car controllers, and add new features. It allows developers to make their games unique by adding their own touch.

Furthermore, we will provide comprehensive documentation for integrating the developer's custom-built games, functions, and the creator tools SDK. This will enable developers and the community to deliver an enhanced product to us.

Documentation would contain:

đŸŸĸ Step-by- step video tutorial on how to pull the specific branch for customization.

đŸŸĸ The Creator Tool SDK documentation for editing the map.

đŸŸĸ Creator Tool SDK limitations documentation.

đŸŸĸ Detailed documentation for the submission or publication of the developer's customized games.

Developers Benefits:

đŸŸĸ Simplified Development Process: Facilitates the creation of metaverse experiences by reducing complexity and technical barriers.

đŸŸĸ Faster Time-to-Market: The SDK provides prebuilt components, templates, and development libraries for rapid prototyping and development.

đŸŸĸ Monetization Opportunities: Developers have a variety of monetization options available with the SDK in the Apes Planet ecosystem. Among the options are in-app purchases, virtual goods, partnership advertisements, and revenue-sharing models.

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